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Belgian CFOs: new mood of confidence
6 November 2013

Deloitte Belgium announces the results of its quarterly CFO Survey. CFO optimism, a key indicator, has turned positive for the first time in 18 months. Are we finally at a turning point?

Belgium joins top league in tablet ownership
5 November 2013

Deloitte today announced the results of the third “Global Mobile Consumer Survey”. The survey reveals that ownership of tablets has almost tripled compared to last year. Belgium saw the second highest growth in tablet ownership across developed countries.

European Tax Survey
28 October 2013

Frequent changes to legislation and, secondly, ambiguity, weaknesses and reversals in the Tax Authorities’ doctrine or publicly available guidance keep heads of tax awake at night.

Value of SMEs still 40% lower than before the crisis
23 October 2013

Half of SMEs saw their turnover decline in 2012. Number of businesses investing at an all-time low. Strength of Belgian SMEs remains their ability to self-fund.

Adyen wins Deloitte Technology Fast50
11 October 2013

Amsterdam-based company Adyen has emerged as the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2013, which ranks the fifty fastest-growing technology companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cmosis was the highest-ranked Belgian company, taking 4th place.

Deloitte announces nominations for Technology Fast50 and Rising Star awards
5 September 2013

Deloitte and its co-sponsors are happy to announce the Fast50 and Rising Star nominees of 2013!

Worldwide tax transparency is becoming the norm
21 May 2013

Results of Deloitte’s 2nd international comparative study regarding the process of filing a personal income tax return

Half of Belgian CFOs responding to survey plan headcount cuts by 2014
3 May 2013

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its Belgian CFO Survey for the first quarter of 2013

“Working Capital Management is an important value creator in a Leveraged Buyout”
27 March 2013

2013 BVA Essay Award

Team 'RideOn' wins the third edition of the Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge
26 March 2013

Deloitte Fiduciaire plans to hire 45 new graduates this year

Deloitte reveals the main 2013 trends in its international study of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT)
7 March 2013

Deloitte chooses the "Gateway" building at Brussels Airport
16 January 2013

Deloitte has signed a long-term lease for the use of the "Gateway" building

Outlook 2013: Headcount reductions ahead to remain competitive
20 December 2012

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its Belgian CFO Survey for Q4 of 2012

Employer charges represent 65% of all government contributions in the Tax Footprint of Belgian SMEs
18 December 2012

Analysis of results of Deloitte Fiduciaire about the tax pressure on Belgian SMEs

Digital and mobile Belgians prefer Wi-Fi
18 December 2012

50% of mobile device users think Wi-Fi is the most economical way to access mobile internet

Deloitte challenges manufacturers to develop new solutions to reignite growth
17 December 2012

Deloitte publishes new insights on the Advanced Materials Approach at Global Chemical Think Tank in Antwerp

Third European Salary Survey Deloitte - Belgium & France: very expensive countries for employers
10 December 2012

The Belgian salary challenge explained

More and more CFOs responsible for sustainability strategy
3 December 2012

50% of CFOs see sustainability as key driver for financial success

The biopharmaceutical industry and Belgian government will keep working together to make Belgium the leading country in Europe
27 November 2012

Price sensitivity further increases as consumers prepare for the year-end holiday season
22 November 2012

European results Deloitte year-end consumer survey: consumers focus even more on prices
8 November 2012

Deloitte Belgium shows result of successful talent development by appointing 12 new partners
30 October 2012

Appointment strengthens talent in Deloitte's key business areas

The New Normal is here to stay: CFOs will need to learn to live with the increased level of uncertainty
30 October 2012

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its Belgian CFO Survey for the third quarter of 2012

Real growth in turnover of Belgian SMEs for the first time in 4 years, although returns are again under pressure
16 October 2012

8th Deloitte SME Compass survey results

Dutch company Belsimpel is fastest-growing technology firm in the Benelux, with 16,155 per cent growth in turnover
12 October 2012

Presentation of Deloitte Technology Fast50 Benelux Awards

Itinera and Deloitte present results Attractiveness Barometer Flemish towns and municipalities
3 October 2012

Deloitte Belgium reports 6% increase in net revenues and will hire 575 new employees
28 September 2012

Globally, Deloitte marks its strongest revenue increase since 2008

Deloitte announces Technology Fast50 and Rising Star nominations
13 September 2012

8 Belgian companies nominated for fastest-growing technology company in the Benelux

CFO Survey Q2 2012 - 60% of Belgian companies performing worse than budgeted
26 July 2012

Expectations on Belgian economy recovery timing pushed back

Tax Certainty in Belgium is lower than EMEA average
28 June 2012

Gap in tax certainty is even bigger with Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Selling the value of products or services is a frequently neglected part of companies' sales and marketing mix
12 June 2012

Deloitte Belgium's first Sales & Marketing conference points out

Deloitte Consulting continues to grow on the Belgian market with the integration of Numius
4 June 2012

Numius, market leader in IBM-based business analytics services and solutions joins the Deloitte Consulting Information Management Service Line, further expanding the business intelligence and analytics expertise.

Deloitte continues its growth in the Belgian market and welcomes Integrated Consultancy Services (ICS) and Equidex
31 May 2012

Deloitte has announced the integration of ICS, a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers established in Brussels, and the Liege-based firm Equidex, within its structure.

Global skill gap leaves 10 million manufacturing positions unfilled
25 May 2012

The future of global manufacturing is turning into a competition for global talent according to a new report released today by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

Belgian personal income tax return form unique in its complexity
24 May 2012

Belgians still judge their tax returns to be too complex

Deloitte calls for increased flexibility in human resources management at the Jump Forum in Brussels
26 April 2012

Corporate Ladder evolves into Corporate Lattice characterized by increased performance and sustainable work-life balance

Consumer products industry rebounds in fiscal year 2010 despite continuing economic malaise
12 April 2012

Emerging markets will continue to present the highest growth opportunities for consumer products companies in 2012

The Di Rupo cabinet has failed its first test with the Belgian CFOs
30 March 2012

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its CFO Survey for the first quarter of 2012

The 2012 BVA Essay Award for best essay about the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry went to two selected essays
29 March 2012

Master theses "Selection criteria used by Venture Capitalists to evaluate new investment proposals" and "Relationship between shareholder-syndicates and financial debt syndication in a Leverage Buy-Out" win yearly BVA Award

Belgian businesses need to embrace disruptive digital technologies for successful business innovation
29 March 2012

Mobility, social, analytics, cloud and cyber represent five imminent technology forces for business innovation

Team of Hasselt University wins the inaugural Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge
26 March 2012

Deloitte Fiduciaire plans to hire 55 new graduates this year

More than 5% of turnover and 50% of the operating profit of Belgian SMEs goes to the government
6 March 2012

More than half of Belgian SMEs pay at least 27.2% company tax

Second study by Deloitte for the ACC: The accrued gross income of the agencies falls below €100 million for the first time
28 February 2012

Agency fees remain under pressure

Vincent Fosty joins the Deloitte Consulting team
21 February 2012

Vincent Fosty will lead the Deloitte Telecommunications, Media & Technology industry practice

Deloitte defines the main trends for 2012 in the telecommunications, media and technology sector
18 January 2012

Predictions for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Sector, 2012

Deloitte report "2012 Global Powers of Retailing"
16 January 2012

Sales of world's largest retailers increase by more than 5 percent

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its CFO Survey for the fourth and last quarter of 2011
21 December 2011

Expected recession in 2012 already has repercussions on 2011 results: 50% of Belgian CFOs report their organization will not make the 2011 budget and 2012 outlook is gloomy.

Large number of fiscal advantages for married individuals compared to unmarried people
19 December 2011

Second European Salary Survey by Deloitte: Belgium one of the only countries that has not yet made decision on retirement age

Changing consumer lifestyle needs and growing retail power will heavily affect the Belgian Food Industry
15 December 2011

Deloitte survey: "Financial and operational performance in the Food Industry"

Belgian results of Deloitte Xmas study
29 November 2011

Belgians estimate that they will spend €574 over Xmas period: the first increase in 5 years

Deloitte Belgium launches Brazilian Desk
8 November 2011

Breaking down the complexities when doing business with Brazil

European results Deloitte Xmas study: European consumers worried about impact of austerity measures on their spending power
8 November 2011

European consumers plan to spend €587 for year-end festivities, 0.8% lower than last year. Gift vouchers are being criticised by European consumers.

Deloitte outlook for global chemicals industry is positive, with revenue growth over the complete year
3 November 2011

Uncertainty on the outcome and evolution of the world economy might however impact the positive outlook for 2011 and beyond

Satisfaction with Belgian health care system is high, but cost of healthcare is a concern
27 October 2011

Deloitte publishes healthcare consumer survey results

Operating and financial yields from Belgian SMEs still not totally recovered from the 2008 economic crisis
18 October 2011

"SME Compass 2011" survey from Deloitte Fiduciaire examines whether Belgian SMEs are prepared to cope with a new crisis

Voiceworks Winner of Deloitte Technology Fast50
14 October 2011

Sustainable Grower Award goes to - TTY. Brussels-based VOXBONE first Belgian company on 11th place.

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its CFO Survey for the third quarter of 2011
12 October 2011

Economic and financial uncertainty keeps going up; Belgian CFOs report their organisations are below budget

Improve Digital wins Rising Star Award 2011, Gatewing from Ghent elected as Most Disruptive Innovator
7 October 2011

Prestigious award crowns Improve Digital from Amsterdam as the most promising young starter company in the Benelux

Official Opening of Deloitte's New Offices in Liege
7 October 2011

Yesterday evening, the Walloon economic and financial world met for the opening of Deloitte's offices in the Alleur Office Park

Deloitte Fiduciaire anticipates changing business models with the launch of unique "Cloud Accounting" service
4 October 2011

Deloitte Fiduciaire becomes the first in Belgium to transfer the cloud computing concept to the world of financial services

Deloitte Technology Fast50 and Rising Star nominees announced
20 September 2011

Deloitte today announced the fifty nominees from the Benelux for the Deloitte Technology Fast50, as well as the names of the candidates for the Rising Star Award.

Deloitte Belgium reports 7% net revenue increase, and looks at further growth by hiring 600 new employees
30 August 2011

Deloitte is optimistic and is recruiting 600 new employees.

Mid-year results are good but Belgian CFO's increasingly fear an economic double dip
1 August 2011

At a turning point

Belgian companies have a good relationship with the Tax Authorities but new trends emerge
12 July 2011

"Tax Certainty in Belgium – A Survey about the Relationship with the Tax Authorities"

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its CFO Survey for the first quarter of 2011 : Call for caution
17 May 2011

Belgian CFOs are more cautious about their financial prospects compared to the beginning of the year.

Deloitte Global Powers of Consumer Products 2011 survey
13 April 2011

Getting back to growth, especially in the emerging markets

Deloitte elects new global CEO
7 April 2011

Announces Barry Salzberg as the new leader of the global organization, effective June 1, 2011

Team of HANTAL Kortrijk wins the Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge
5 April 2011

Deloitte Fiduciaire hires 50 new graduates this year

EU Commissioner stresses importance of exploiting potential of Services Directive
30 March 2011

'Liberating the Power of Services', the second Bruges European Business conference, a one-day conference hosted by the College of Europe and supported by Deloitte

"The importance of protection ability as a selection criterion for Venture Capitalists" wins 5th annual BVA Essay Award
23 March 2011

Academic research on the investment decision of VCs with focus on the importance of the ability to protect Intellectual Property

Despite rising fuel prices, mass adoption of electric vehicles still a distance away
9 March 2011

Only 16 percent of European consumers identify themselves as "potential first movers"

Women play a crucial role in stimulating economic growth
7 March 2011

Companies need to invest more in women to improve business, increase sales, reduce costs and expand markets. Deloitte Belgium looks very carefully at an equal division between men and women in its workforce.

Planning for growth in 2011
16 February 2011

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its CFO Survey for the fourth quarter of 2010

The Fastest-Growing Belgian Company Of The Deloitte Technology Fast50 Classification Rings The Bell At The Brussels Stock Exchange
16 February 2011

Booming Benelux Technological Companies Are Banking On Additional Staff Recruitment

Cautious consumers put the brakes on retail sales growth, but profits increase
10 February 2011

More than one-third of world's largest retailers suffer declining sales

Business and IT need to share common ground for organisations to grow
25 January 2011

Deloitte publishes results of its IT Business Balance Survey 2011

Deloitte defines the main trends for 2011 in the telecommunications, media and technology sector
18 January 2011

Today sees the release of "Deloitte Predictions for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Sector, 2011"

Presentation of Agoria eGov Awards
3 December 2010

The Flemish Government's Digital Signature Platform ends in top 3 of "Best overall e-Gov project 2010"

13th Deloitte Christmas Study - Uncertainty continues to affect Belgian consumer behaviour
30 November 2010

Belgian consumers estimate spending an average of €570 during the Christmas period, the fifth decrease in a row

Deloitte Treasury Solutions launched
24 November 2010

Addressing financial risk management, the offering compliments existing services and will allow Deloitte to serve its clients more fully.

Deloitte Belgium and FutureWorld working together: Companies need to learn lessons from the future
22 November 2010

Visionaries Wolfgang Grulke and Neil Jacobsohn are expecting a tsunami of new developments: "You can't learn from experience any longer; in this lightning-fast world, you need to learn from the future"

European consumer not so optimistic about near future
9 November 2010

European consumers forced to make trade-offs within this year's Christmas Budgets. Europeans spend an average budget of €590 on Christmas gifts and outlay.

Yves Van Durme brings practical boost to Deloitte Consulting Human Capital
2 November 2010

Mr Van Durme will focus on the further development of Talent Management & Leadership Development at Deloitte.

Optimism among Belgian CFOs remains high and translates in good results
28 October 2010

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its third 2010 CFO Survey: More than 80% of CFOs say that their organisations' financial results are on budget, 40% exceeding expectations

One in three Belgian SME's recorded a decline in turnover in 2009
27 October 2010

27% of SME's face problems to pay off debts - SME loses a third of its value due to crisis - Deloitte Fiduciaire's "SME Compass 2010" first to map the total impact of the crisis on Belgian SMEs

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA"): a tsunami in the entire financial services industry…and beyond
25 October 2010

Cross-border Deloitte FATCA Group developed especially to follow up recent developments

Deloitte Belgium appoints 9 new partners
19 October 2010

This group of 9 new partners is proof that Deloitte is the number one destination for top talent

Deloitte Belgium looks for 500 new employees to further enhance growth in 2011
14 October 2010

In 2010 Deloitte became the world's largest private professional services network

Movetis wins the Deloitte Rising Star Award
8 October 2010

Service2Media wins The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 - At 11th place, iVOX bvba is highest-scoring Belgian company

Deloitte becomes the largest private professional services organization worldwide
5 October 2010

With this milestone, Deloitte surpasses all competitors

Deloitte Belgium Launches First "R&D Tax Incentives" Service Line in Belgium
29 September 2010

François Gevers Appointed IP Expert

Rising Star 2010 nominees announced
23 September 2010

Most successful start-up companies showcased in the Deloitte Technology Fast50. Two Belgian companies in the running.

Deloitte Technology Fast50 Nominees Announcement
7 September 2010

Five Belgian Companies Selected, twice the number compared with last year

Belgian CFOs confident in growth path
29 July 2010

Deloitte Belgium publishes results of its second 2010 CFO Survey "Confidence grows"

REACH Community guides businesses all over the world in meeting the REACH requirements
27 July 2010

Exclusive interactive web platform, supported by high-level multidisciplinary experts

Deloitte kicks off 4th edition of the IT-Business Balance Survey
26 July 2010

Focus on "hot topics" that of importance to CIOs all over the world

Which will be the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the Benelux?
7 July 2010

Registration for the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2010 edition is now open; Belgian companies can take part for the second year running

Deeper distrust between the public and the financial services industry; Belgian banking industry needs to rebuild trust
30 June 2010

Financial institutions suffer from a lack of trust and satisfaction, especially Belgium's Big Four banks

Russian market offers unique opportunities for Belgian companies
29 June 2010

2010 the ideal time for doing business with Russia

Relationship with Belgian authorities perceived as "good", but concerns about the level of tax uncertainty in Belgium remain
24 June 2010

Deloitte survey highlights benefits and weaknesses of Belgian taxation

Deloitte Real Estate: Solid Foundations For Growth
15 June 2010

Real Estate Department appoints Gregory Van der Elst as Senior Manager

Deloitte Belgium on track to become the "Standard Of Excellence"
8 June 2010

Several recognitions confirm high performance of Deloitte's Technology Services practice

Risk management more and more a part of key tasks at energy and resources companies
8 June 2010

Not yet smooth sailing for risk management monitoring and reporting

Basel II Pillar 3 disclosure
27 May 2010

Deloitte research shows there is still room for improvement

Financial repair, economic uncertainty
26 May 2010

Deloitte CFO Services publishes results of the first quarter 2010 Belgian CFO Survey

Talent management: Prepare for the recovery
22 April 2010

Switch from a defensive to an offensive strategy.

The Deloitte Vlerick Research Chair
1 April 2010

Celebrating the first year of a successful partnership.

The rules have changed: transactions for the future
1 April 2010

Mergers & acquisitions, what can we expect from 2010?

Essay: "Value creation in Private Equity backed Buyouts" wins annual BVA Award
31 March 2010

This year, the award for best essay about the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry went to Vivian Mathieu of the Louvain School of Management, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Global Chemicals Sector: Modest Growth, Continued Cost Focus in 2010
29 March 2010

The global chemicals sector is projected to see a modest uptick in growth during 2010.

Time to hit the ground running
18 March 2010

Current changing climate, regulation and durability: the new opportunities for growth.

Cities to boost municipal property data
15 March 2010

Preliminary conclusions from the survey that Deloitte Real Estate conducted among major cities in 8 western European countries.

Deloitte Belgium teams up with the College of Europe
15 March 2010

Deloitte Belgium today announced the start of its 3-year partnership with the College of Europe in Bruges.

New Deloitte report: Governments crack glass ceiling more effectively than private sector
8 March 2010

Public sector advancing more women into leadership positions than private sector.

Global powers of consumer products 2010 survey
4 March 2010

For the 9th time already, Deloitte presents its annual TMT trends and predictions.

In 2010, companies can no longer depend on the recession for their retention and talent strategies
25 February 2010

Key to success for organizations is to find the right mix of talent strategies in order to keep top talent and identify key lead.

Deloitte defines the main trends for 2010 in the telecommunications-, media- and technology sector
15 February 2010

For the 9th time already, Deloitte presents its annual TMT trends and predictions.

4L Trophy African Rally: Deloitte Belgium supports some Belgian students
12 February 2010

Deloitte is supporting talented young people in a green adventure for a good cause.

Diverging fortunes going into 2010
3 February 2010

Belgium publishes results of its fourth 2009 CFO Survey.

Innovation is the strategy to accelerate growth
28 January 2010

Winning in a Changing World: Rik Vanpeteghem and Koen De Staercke on fundamental innovation at Deloitte Belgium.

The Belgian chemical industry and global competition
13 January 2010

The chemical industry needs new strategies for regaining profitable growth in the next decade.

Retail sales grow despite recession, but profits take a hit
12 January 2010

Two-thirds of retailers see profits decline in fiscal 08. Food retailers most resilient, while fashion and electronics see biggest fall.

Deloitte Belgium recruits 345 new staff
15 December 2009

Even in the current economic circumstances, Deloitte is still investing in talent and remains the biggest employer in the sector.

Kennedy rates Deloitte the fastest growing practice in global public sector market
14 December 2009

Deloitte’s growth rate highest among competitors; differentiated through branding, client experience, and breadth of offerings.

Deloitte signs Copenhagen Communiqué
7 December 2009

Professional services firm aims for 25% cut in CO2 emissions by 2012.

12th Deloitte Christmas study
2 December 2009

A crisis year, but pessimism is decreasing.