4L Trophy African Rally: Deloitte Belgium supports some Belgian students

Deloitte is supporting talented young people in a green adventure for a good cause
12 February 2010

R4Life Renault R4s

Brussels, 12 February 2010. Deloitte Belgium is sponsoring four Belgian students for the 13th running of the 4L Trophy, a race in the desert that will be starting on 18 February. For five long days, these young students will be leaving for an adventure on the 7,000 km of the course, in the Moroccan desert, each at the wheel of a Renault L4. The Belgian R4 Life team is enjoying the support of Deloitte Belgium, which among other things is financing the cars. The R4 Life team’s project chimes perfectly with Deloitte’s philosophy: resolutely to invest in young talent and in corporate social responsibility. Deloitte will also be present on the ecological front: during the race, the Deloitte 4L Eco Challenge will be emphasising the importance of using sustainable resources.

On 18 February, the 4L Trophy will be under starter’s orders for the 13th time. Distance, not speed, is the priority: the objective of the event is to cross the finishing line with the least amount of kilometres on the clock. All the participants will be driving Renault R4s, without any technological gadgets, armed only with a map and a common-or-garden compass.

The Belgian team - R4 Life - consists this year of two commercial science students from the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Bram Lamaire (21, from Poperinge) and Bert Guenter (22, from Ghent), with two applied economics students from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Michiel Vanhauwere (21, from Oost-Vleteren) and Justin Behaegel (21, from Wevelgem)

During the trip, they will be helped by Deloitte Belgium, which is participating in the funding in order to help the team to bring the project to fruition. The team’s vehicles will be entirely adorned in the Deloitte colours.

“At Deloitte, talent is very much on the agenda”, declared Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Fiduciary. “In December 2009, we announced the recruitment of 345 new employees, 220 of whom are last-year students, as from May 2010. By supporting R4 Life, we want to show how important it is to invest in young talent. For Deloitte, the students’ entrepreneurial approach and creativity are invaluable. That’s why we are readily lending our support to this kind of initiative”, Tahon added.

R4Life Renault R4

A Socially Responsible Company: Deloitte Goes Further

The 4L Trophy is also pursuing a humanitarian goal. Each team of competitors has to take 50kg of school and humanitarian material with them for the children of Southern Morocco. In 2008, the desert caravan conveyed no less than 58 tons of material in this way. The Belgian R4 Life team will be involved in the campaign by transporting a large quantity of sports and teaching supplies.

The social goal of the race is very important for Deloitte. The company is indeed conducting a huge corporate responsibility programme, via a variety of projects. Further information about corporate responsibility

Ecology: Crossing the Finishing Line While Respecting the Environment with the Deloitte 4L Eco Challenge

The 4L Trophy will furthermore be an opportunity for drawing attention to the environment. Such is the purpose of the Deloitte 4L Eco Challenge. The teams will have to show creativity in order to take part in this contest: each project must enable a reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as a lower consumption of resources, fuel or electricity.

4L Eco Challenge

Deloitte carries out its own projects in the context of its ecological responsibility. For 2012, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 25% per employee. Several methods are envisaged for achieving this objective: a more environmental-friendly vehicle fleet, car-pooling measures, the promotion of telecommuting or travelling by bicycle… Similarly, the search for innovative solutions in the field of electricity and gas consumption is continuing without respite. : “The Deloitte 4L Eco Challenge”, Nikolaas Tahon explained, “will enable us to motivate young people towards ecological vigilance and creativity.”

Nikolaas Tahon concluded: “Michiel, Justin, Bram and Bert are our ambassadors. Their entrepreneurial approach and their taste for challenge will be an example not only for the other students, but also for the corporate world. We wish the R4 Life team the very best of luck in this unforgettable adventure. We’ll be following them every inch of the way.”

You will be able to follow their adventures online via the R4Life website, Facebook group and Twitter account:

R4Life website R4Life on Facebook R4Life on Twitter