Deloitte kicks off 4th edition of the IT-Business Balance Survey

Focus on "hot topics" that of importance to CIOs all over the world
26 July 2010

Brussels, 26 July 2010 - Deloitte is currently launching the fourth edition of its annual IT-Business Balance Survey. The "IT-Business Balance Survey" is an international initiative designed to gather insights from business and IT leaders through a market survey conducted in more than 30 countries. While there is some involvement by local participating Deloitte firms for distributing the survey, all central administration, data collection and analysis will be carried out in Belgium.

The IT-Business Balance Survey is aimed at highlighting the key points on the topic of alignment between Business and IT, and is developed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists at Deloitte in cooperation with Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services and Deloitte Consulting. The questions are based on academic research carried out by Deloitte in conjunction with the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. They cover topics at the heart of Business-IT alignment, and are related to IT governance, IT management, IT sourcing and IT security and privacy. For example, the survey will investigate how frequently IT is discussed at Board or Executive Committee meetings, as well as whether Business and IT management have a shared vision of the role of IT in enabling business strategies, and to what extent key Business users participate in the design and development of new IT systems within an organisation.

The IT-Business Balance survey is now in its fourth year. In 2009, almost 2000 participants from 28 countries voiced their thoughts and opinions, covering the business and IT balance in companies and organisations in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. For this year, there is expected to be even greater involvement from Deloitte firms and companies, with 37 countries confirming their participation in the survey.

The 2010-2011 IT-Business Balance survey is currently open and accessible via and will run until the end of September. As with previous editions, an extensive report will be published on the findings, along with a detailed analysis of the results and benchmarking points, which will be announced mid-January 2011. Last year's report can be viewed here.