REACH Community guides businesses all over the world in meeting the REACH requirements

Exclusive interactive web platform, supported by high-level multidisciplinary experts
27 July 2010

Brussels, 27 July 2010 – Today, Deloitte, DEKRA and EPPA announce the launch of the REACH Community. This Community will have as main goal to support companies on a strategic level and the day-to-day business, by being a unique platform where companies can get answers to questions which concern REACH issues; on legal compliance, chemical testing, IT solutions, trade, or taxation.

Europe's legislation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals has substantially changed the operating environment of companies around the globe. REACH was created to monitor the use of chemicals throughout the complete supply chain and phase out hazardous substances. Giovanni Gijssels, manager ITC - Customs and Global Trade at Deloitte Belgium, comments: "As such, REACH is not confined to the Environmental Division, but plays across all company departments as it impacts market access, sourcing strategies, it requires information exchange along the supply chain, influences merger and acquisition decisions, and finally impacts taxation. We felt that there was a clear need from companies to receive professional and tailored guidance on this topic and therefore decided to join forces with DEKRA and EPPA in order to offer the possibility to address this from various angles".

The REACH community will function as an exclusive web platform and will be available to answer the questions that are on the minds of companies affected by REACH. It will offer a forum for participants to discuss challenging compliance issues, view the posted experiences of others, and read answers from the DEKRA, Deloitte and EPPA team of experts. The Community can for example provide companies with a strategic brief on how the company is positioned and whether it meets its REACH compliance requirements. Giovanni Gijssels of Deloitte adds: "As Deloitte, we have already put in place a similar community on 'EMCS', which is the EU system for automated shipments of excise products on EU-territory. We have seen that this is working well and hope to turn this into a success story too".

A combination of top expertise

EPPA, DEKRA and Deloitte offer the best of their respective experience to boost REACH compliance within each participating company. EPPA deeply understands REACH regulation and how it impacts daily business. Since 2001, EPPA assists companies with strategic analysis on REACH, by helping them prepare for compliance and get authorisation for their substances. DEKRA is the EU leader in technical expertise and knows the REACH compliance requirements and EU technical standards that products must meet to enter the European market. Additionally, Deloitte is renowned for its trade law expertise, analysis of the regulatory environment, business process- and organisation (re)design, as well as the selection, design and implementation of IT-solutions to support business processes. Giovanni Gijssels of Deloitte concludes; "This combination of expertise brings together a unique team of highly qualified REACH experts to the market – a one stop shop for companies, large and small."

The Community will offer bi-annual workshops and bi-monthly webinars. Two REACH community workshops and six webinars will focus exclusively on business impacts, including advice on being prepared for compliance, such as "how to get authorisation for my substance" and "how to demonstrate compliance given sanctions and the REACH enforcement process".

The official launch of the REACH Community will kick off with a working conference on 23 September in Frankfurt.