Deloitte Belgium looks for 500 new employees to further enhance growth in 2011

In 2010 Deloitte became the world's largest private professional services network
14 Oct 2010

Diegem, 14 October 2010 – Deloitte Belgium, the largest provider of professional services in Belgium, announced its financial results for the 2010 financial year, which ran from 1 June 2009 to 31 May 2010. The firm recorded net revenues of € 295 million. Deloitte is optimistic about 2011 and is currently looking to recruit 500 new employees. In September and October 300 'starters' joined Deloitte.

Talent as top priority

Deloitte Belgium today is an organisation that employs over 2,500 professionals, making it far and away the largest firm in its sector. In September and October, 300 school-leavers joined the team at Deloitte Belgium as 'starters' and there are plans in place to recruit another 500 employees between now and May 2011: 200 experienced people are currently being sought for the Audit, Tax, Consulting, Accountancy and Financial Advisory departments, in addition to 300 juniors to start in autumn 2011.

Deloitte ensures that the staff has the abilities it needs to provide top-quality services to clients: the firm's training programmes enable them to develop their careers along the best possible lines. Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO of Deloitte Belgium, explains: "Attracting and retaining talent remains an absolute priority for us. We will continue to invest in the long term both in our current staff and in new people, because we are convinced that this is the ideal way towards a successful recovery from the economic situation. It's our people who make Deloitte what it is: a highly competent, professional firm that provides services of an extremely high quality. Hiring these new employees also demonstrates how optimistic we are about the future. We have a strong base to work from and are the undisputed leader in our sector."

Positive growth worldwide: optimism for the future

Deloitte recorded positive growth worldwide this financial year. Combined revenue for all member firms was 26.6 billion USD to 31 May 2010, representing an overall increase in revenue of 1.8 per cent, expressed in USD. Total business volume grew compared with the previous financial year, although the rate of growth remained limited as the result of the difficult economic climate. Deloitte currently employs 170,000 professionals worldwide, with this number forecast to reach 225,000 by 2015.

Deloitte recently announced that it has become the world's largest private professional services network: over the last five years, Deloitte grew the fastest based on total revenue among the Big Four. Rik Vanpeteghem: "Throughout Deloitte's history, our vision, strong global culture, and shared values have remained unchanged. Deloitte member firm professionals have consistently delivered high-quality, world-class client service and demonstrated a strong focus on responsible business practices. These elements brought us to where we are today and they will remain at the basis of our success tomorrow. Deloitte's diversified business model, global member firm structure, and comprehensive portfolio of services enables us to stand out from our competitors".

Net revenue 2009
(millions EUR)
Net revenue 2010
(millions EUR)
Accounting 63 59
AERS 90 83
Consulting 61 56
Financial Advisory Services 7 7
Tax 95 90
Total 317 295

Deloitte Belgium felt the impact of the crisis throughout 2009. In the first half of the 2010 financial year, all Deloitte business units suffered from various market-related aspects, such as pressures on volume and prices. The firm reported a 7% fall in net revenue, bringing the total to 295 million EUR for the 2010 financial year.

As a result of Deloitte's strong tradition in employee development, its go-to-market strategy and outstanding professional reputation that continues to grow, the firm is cautiously confident about the immediate future. The 2011 financial year looks more positive than 2010. Deloitte is expecting to see growth of 5% in 2011.

Rik Vanpeteghem comments: "The increasing optimism of the business world is already leading us towards new concrete projects and is bringing us new clients. More and more clients are looking beyond the crisis and are preparing for the future. And so are we: there are also plans afoot to give additional stimulus to investments aimed at developing the firm's overall business, staff and IT infrastructure, as well as the Deloitte brand."