Presentation of Agoria eGov Awards

The Flemish Government's Digital Signature Platform ends in top 3 of "Best overall e-Gov project 2010". Deloitte supported the Flemish government with regard to vision and strategy, and assisted in the implementation of this cornerstone for e-government and administrative simplification.
3 Dec 2010

Brussels, 3 December 2010 – On 2 December, the Agoria eGov Awards were presented for the sixth time. The Digital Signature Platform – a project implemented by the Flemish Government's eGovernment & ICT Administration (eIB) department - ended in the top 3 of "Best overall e-Gov project 2010". The vision and the strategy for the Digital Signature Platform were developed by Deloitte that also assisted the government with its implementation. The Digital Signature Platform was launched on 13 December by Minister Bourgeois (Vice Prime Minister of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Administrative Affairs) and Luc Chauvin (ICT Manager for the Flemish government) at the Home of the Future. It is currently being used for paperless declarations and reporting within the framework of the European Social Fund, among others. Meanwhile, about twelve subprojects have been launched within the Flemish government to use this tool.

Agoria eGov Awards for Government Department ICT Projects

The Agoria eGov Awards are presented to government departments – across all policy-making areas and at all levels – implementing unique e-government projects. The organization's aim is to recognize those ICT projects providing a public service and the companies and projects seeking administrative simplification and innovation, and highlighting cooperation. Prizes are awarded in five categories: userfriendliness, highest return, innovation, best partnership and best overall project. eIB's Digital Signature Platform ended in the top 3 of "Best overall e-Gov project 2010".

Digital Signature Platform... a milestone for administrative simplification

eIB launched its digital signature platform on 29 July 2010. This project allows the Flemish Government to digitize its document signing process among various parties inside and outside government bodies. As part of the assistance provided by Deloitte for e-government support services, the question arose as to how the 'paper phase' could be accelerated in various processes (i.e. how paper forms could be eliminated). This is how the idea came about to launch a legally valid platform making printed documents superfluous. "The vision and strategy for the Digital Signature Platform were in cooperation with the Flemish government. We also took care of the blueprint (documenting the design) and we provided the government with assistance in the implementation of the project platform and its use in various government processes," explains Hans Debruyne, Partner at Deloitte. "The uses and added value are enormous, because these processes are faster than the use of paper forms, the margin of error is smaller thanks to automatic monitoring, the follow-up is smoother because everything is available in electronic form, and so on." adds programme manager Erik R. van Zuuren, Director at Deloitte. "In the future, the Digital Signature Platform will also be used for digital construction permit applications, inspection reports etc."

Full backing of Minister Geert Bourgeois

The Digital Signature Platform is receiving the full backing of Minister Geert Bourgeois, Vice Prime Minister and Flemish Minister for Administrative Affairs, Local and Provincial Government, Civic Integration, Tourism and the Vlaamse Rand stating that, 'The Digital Signature Platform is a prime example of how ICT, egovernment and administrative simplification can be leveraged to make services more efficient. It also demonstrates how we're looking to cut overheads and achieve cross-ministry economies of scale thanks to innovation within the participating departments.'

Greater efficiency and effectiveness of Flemish government

Luc Chauvin, ICT Manager for the Flemish government, adds: "The eGovernment & ICT Administration (eIB) department supports all Flemish Government bodies to the fullest extent possible by providing ICT and egovernment services, products and consultancy in order to contribute towards greater efficiency and effectiveness of the Flemish Government as a whole. The digital signature platform is a prime example of how ICT, egovernment and administrative simplification can be leveraged to make services more efficient."

Deloitte's expertise in Digital Trust Services

Deloitte relied on its expertise and experience in 'Digital Trust Services'. Concretely, as an independent consultancy organisation, Deloitte is providing its competencies, such as the required legal and programme management expertise, the necessary experience with regard to administrative simplification, as well as infrastructure and information security expertise.