Business and IT need to share common ground for organisations to grow

Deloitte publishes results of its IT Business Balance Survey 2011
25 Jan 2011

Brussels, 25 January 2011 – During the economic crisis, IT investment were postponed. The expected economic upturn now creates an opportunity for IT managers, communities and universities, to better manage the value of IT in organisations. This is the conclusion of the fourth edition of Deloitte's IT-Business Balance Survey report: "2011 Survey on IT-Business Balance: Finding common ground". As in past years, the survey explores some of the key themes that are vital for setting the direction in IT and Business alignment.

"Looking beyond the company borders can provide inspiration on how to deal with IT and Business alignment in a new, productive way," said Christian Combes, Deloitte Consulting Partner, one of the survey's two co-authors. "By offering a glimpse into key areas, we hope the report can be the starting point for fruitful thinking."

This year's edition roughly explores the same topics as in previous surveys, but from a slightly different angle. Questions were based on six themes: bonding at the top, looking for benefits, serving professionally, engaging respectfully, managing security & privacy, and reaching out to sourcing partners.

"Although these themes do not exhaustively cover IT and Business alignment, we believe they address many of the critical issues," said co-author Chris Verdonck, Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services Partner.

Progressive improvement

The 2011 survey results clearly indicate that IT and Business alignment is progressively improving towards fully supporting corporate performance. Answers from the survey respondents show that the greater the role of IT in the definition of the Business strategy and the more IT and Business strategies are aligned, the better the organisation will perform compared to its peers.

Highlights of the 2011 Survey on IT-Business Balance