The Fastest-Growing Belgian Company Of The Deloitte Technology Fast50 Classification Rings The Bell At The Brussels Stock Exchange

Booming Benelux Technological Companies Are Banking On Additional Staff Recruitment
16 Feb 2011

Brussels, 16 February 2011 - Today, it was the Belgian research firm, iVOX, which rang the bell at the Brussels Stock Exchange, at an official Opening Bell ceremony. At the end of October 2010, this young company was the first Belgian one to feature on the Deloitte Technology Fast50 list, the annual classification of the fifty technological companies with the fastest growth rates in Belgium and the Netherlands. The fact that iVOX consequently had the honour of opening the Brussels Stock Exchange session confirms that the booming companies of the Deloitte Fast50 are playing an ever-growing role in the Belgian economy. And according to a survey carried out by Deloitte Fiduciary among the participants in the Benelux Technology Fast50, these companies want to hire new staff in order to reach their goals.

Luc Van Coppenolle, Deloitte Audit TMT Partner, proudly declared: "The fact that iVOX has had the honour of opening the Stock Exchange session today is a very positive sign of a promising future for technological companies in Belgium. It is really exciting to see how the Deloitte Technology Fast50 campaign helps to propel such companies to success."

The purpose of the survey organized by Deloitte Fiduciary mid 2010 among the participants in the Benelux Technology Fast50 campaign was to identify those companies' short-term needs in the current economic and technological climate. Despite unfavourable economic conditions, these booming companies saw their turnovers increase by an average of 25.5% in 2009. Their staff need is however considerable; in the short term, these organisations want to recruit additional employees in order to consolidate their growth. The additional manpower recruitment rate is 10% on average.

At the end of 2010, iVOX was the leading Belgian company of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 classification, holding 11th place with a growth percentage of 1325%. The other Belgian companies appearing on this list of winners include Voxbone (19th place, growth of 980%), Galapagos NV (25th place, growth of 843%), Nascom (44th place, growth of 554%) and CORETEC Engineering (47th place, growth of 481%). Steven Deketelaere, Managing partner iVOX Tools: "Concentric innovation has delivered us a dominant position in our market, which was confirmed by the Fast50 award."

At the time of the last election for the Deloitte Technology Fast50, the Belgian company from Turnhout, Movetis, specializing in gastro-enteritis medication, won the Rising Star Award. This competition has been especially created for companies active since less than 5 years. Among these Belgian start-ups, an acute need for additional staff is being felt: in the near future these companies will be increasing their manpower by 38% on average.

Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2011

A new edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 is envisaged this year also. Registration for Benelux companies will start in April 2011. Luc Van Coppenolle: "This election is playing an increasingly important role for Deloitte; for us, it is the ideal means of putting those companies, often unique, on a springboard and giving them the attention that they deserve. We're eager to collect the applications for the 2011 edition and are convinced that, this year also, we will have to choose from among several particularly interesting cases".