Team of Hasselt University wins the inaugural Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge

Deloitte Fiduciaire plans to hire 55 new graduates this year

Brussels, 26 March 2012 – Last weekend, the Rolinx team of Hasselt University emerged as the winner in the final of the Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge. This competition, which was entered by 20 student-teams from all over Belgium, encourages students to set up a virtual company and manage it online. The winning Rolinx team from Hasselt wins a trip to New York. Deloitte Fiduciaire considers young talent to be extremely important and plans to recruit 55 new graduates this year.

The Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge was held for the second time and consisted of a competition in which 20 teams of Bachelor and Master students in accountancy, economics and finance majors competed against one another in a business game aimed at setting up the best virtual company.

Last weekend the final of the competition took place at the Deloitte offices in Diegem following a number of assessment rounds which took place in in Bruges, Charleroi, Ghent, Leuven, Hasselt, Antwerp, Kortrijk and Liège. In Diegem the teams pitched to a panel of investors consisting of partners and directors from Deloitte Fiduciaire. Team Rolinx from Hasselt scored best, both in the business game and in the presentation round. The 5 team members – Marco Giagnacovo, Hanne Croonen, Stacy Dethier, Caroline Jooken en Gunther Damen – can now look forward to a trip to New York.

The Deloitte Fiduciaire Entrepreneurship Challenge provides students with the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The participating students are required to assume the management of their own virtual companies and take decisions in all relevant business areas (purchasing, price policy, marketing, HR and finance) aimed at guiding the company forward and attracting investors to finance their growth. During the various assessment rounds the students compete against each other on the same market in an online environment. Furthermore, students are supported by a coach from Deloitte Fiduciaire throughout the competition.

According to the jury, Rolinx played a very good business game; the team presented a very good vision towards the future, next to an excellent strategy. In only ten minutes time, Rolinx showcased a great amount of dynamism, creativity and persuasiveness. Supported by a qualitative presentation, the team convinced the jury with a well-argued and concise investment proposal.

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Fiduciaire: "It is extremely satisfying to see how this game brings out the best in young people in terms of entrepreneurship; Belgium has a great deal of young business talent to offer, and we at Deloitte Fiduciaire can only applaud and encourage that. We are planning to hire 55 new graduates in 2012 to add them to our teams. We are very excited about the success of this second edition and are certainly planning to organize the Challenge again next year."

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