Deloitte continues its growth in the Belgian market and welcomes Integrated Consultancy Services (ICS) and Equidex

Brussels, 30 May 2012 - Deloitte has announced the integration of ICS, a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers established in Brussels, and the Liege-based firm Equidex, within its structure. The two firms will be integrated into Deloitte Fiduciaire, the Deloitte organisation that focuses on the SME market. This integration considerably strengthens Deloitte Fiduciaire's presence in the Belgian market and offers new opportunities for setting up a powerful multidisciplinary team, specialising in accounting, taxation and legal services for SMEs based in Brussels and Liege.

ICS – which formerly belonged to the Kreston international network - achieves an annual turnover of €4 million and dispenses its accounting, taxation and legal assistance services to more than 500 SME clients. The ICS offices in Jette will accommodate about thirty employees and will become Deloitte's eleventh location in Belgium. ICS has a presence not only in Brussels, but also in Bruges, where its six employees will very soon be joining the Deloitte Fiduciaire team that is based in that city. Deloitte Fiduciaire in Jette will be directed by Pascal Demilecamps, Partner. The founder of ICS, Ivo Claeys, will be closely associated with the process of integrating his firm within Deloitte Fiduciaire. Pascal Demilecamps: "We are convinced that Deloitte's robust internal organisation and its vision in respect of talent and training will only be able to benefit our employees and will offer us new opportunities for the development of our activities."

Equidex offers accounting, taxation and legal services to SMEs based in Liege and the surrounding area. Equidex also provides dedicated financial management services for the benefit of SME financial directors throughout the Walloon Region. The office was founded at the end of October 2009 and currently achieves an annual sales turnover in excess of €600,000. With effect from 01 June 2012, Vincent Trévisan, Partner, will join the Deloitte Fiduciaire office in Liege, of which he will assume the management: "Our decision to join Deloitte Fiduciaire has been motivated by its leadership in our segment, by the sharing of a common vision of dynamic support for SMEs, and by its multidisciplinary skills."

Leader of the Belgian market in its sector, Deloitte Fiduciaire offers taxation, accounting and legal assistance services, business & IT advice, and merger and acquisition support. Deloitte Fiduciaire offers its services to more than 5,000 SMEs in Belgium and has more than 75 years of experience. The integration of ICS and Equidex will represent 10% of Deloitte Fiduciaire's turnover. "The integration of ICS is a major step in Deloitte Fiduciaire's strategy. The powerful network of ICS in the Brussels-Capital Region and of Equidex in Liege will make a significant contribution to our success in those regions. This network will considerably reinforce our presence in the market, not only in the French-speaking part of Belgium, but also in the entire Belgian market. Currently, 80 people at Deloitte are exclusively devoted to supporting SMEs in the French-speaking part of the country, in order to help them to face their challenges. Deloitte Fiduciaire is examining other partnership opportunities that will allow it to enhance its package of high-added-value consultancy services, enabling family business challenges to be met", declared Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Fiduciaire.